The Amherst Student issue from March 13th, 1969

“Watts, Haynes Keynote Speakers For Afro-Am"Watts, Haynes Keynote Speakers For Afro-Am Weekend Conference" Weekend Conference”

“Black leaders Daniel H. Watts and Ulric St. Clair Haynes Jr. will be the major speakers at an Afro-American Conference on the topic ‘Black Students, After College, What?’ to be held on campus tomorrow and Saturday.”



The Amherst Student issue from March 17th, 1969

“At Black Workshop: ‘You Were Whiter Than I'”

Written by Al Checci ’70.

Al Checchi ’70 attended one of the workshops… [A]fter [Otis] Cohcran called attention to the presence of a white person at a meeting, asking each of the black participants whether or not they were inhibited by his presence, Checci voluntarily left the meeting. Printed below is a copy of al eter sent by Cochci to Cochran.”

"At Black Workshop: 'You Were Whiter Than I'"


The Amherst Student issue from April 14th, 1969

“Response to Checchi: ‘A Hit Dog Will Holler'”

Written by Horace Anthony Porter ’72.

“There is an old expression that goes ‘a hit dog will holler.’ For the most part, my interpretation of all that has happened is analogous to this. Having been wounded, you retreated into a corner to lick your wounds, howling all the time. I am sure that your letter must have been cathartic and therapeutic, and knowing Amherst College, I am sure that much empathy was aroused. Let me state that it is bullshit, and I am sure that Mr. Cochran doesn’t want you crying on his shoulder.”

"Response to Checchi: 'A Hit Dog Will Holler'"


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