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This is a timeline of the publications found in the Student Publications Collection. We were unable to obtain the College Dial and The Thursday Evening Item. Note that the publications preserved by the Archives do not include all of the publications that students have ever published.



Humor/Satire: humor publications. Examples: the Muckrake, Scorpion, Tubs of Slaw, and Citizen Poke

Literary Magazines: featuring creative works through prose, poetry, and visual arts. Examples: Amherst Literary Magazine, Amherst Review, Circus, and Adelphian

Journals of Thought: publications that addressed specific issues such as race relations, gender, diversity, and identity. Examples: The Amherst Spectator, Prism, Chalk Talk, and AC Voice

News/Student Life: newspapers, and topics related to student life such as food, music, entertainment, environmentalism etc. Examples: AC Beat, Gaia, the Amherst Story Project, and the Amherst Student

Academic Journals: publications featuring scholarly writing of the college community, such as Humanitas, the Amherst Element, and Polemic

Yearbook: The Olio

Five-College Publications: Published as a collaboration in the college consortium. Examples: Third World Watch, An Insider’s Guide to the Five Colleges, and Five-College Journal of Law and Society



The finding aid for the Student Publications Collection
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