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Nothing in these Terms of Use intends to restrict or limit you from using content in ways that do not infringe or violate others’ copyright, trademark or other rights.

Copyright Statement

Current copyright law governs the use of manuscripts and published material. Laws against libel and laws protecting privacy may also apply. You assume full responsibility for any legal questions that arise from your use of material in these collections.

Archives & Special Collections

We digitize material from the Amherst College Archives and Special Collections to provide the greatest possible access to the college’s collections. We encourage open and active use of this material to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Art and Architecture Collection

Amherst College Digital Programs either (a) purchased this material under a licensing agreement or (b) digitized this material under the “Fair Use” section of U.S. copyright law for the scholarship and research of Amherst faculty, staff, students, and on-campus guests.


We promote world-wide access to material in the Octagon. Unless indicated otherwise in notes attached to items in the collection, you may use these items for research, educational, academic, and other non-commercial purposes. You assume legal responsibility for how you use all items.

Unless indicated otherwise, items in Octagon are protected by a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license (CC BY NC ND 4.0).

Take Down Policy

We strive to identify all material subject to copyright, trademark, and privacy restrictions, and we limit access to such material as appropriate. We also make mistakes, and we ask rights holders to contact us immediately if they discover errors on our part.

If you own the copyright to any material in this collection and you wish to challenge our use of that material, please contact Amherst College Digital Programs at libdig@amherst.edu. Please include the following.

  1. The name, address, and signature (physical or electronic reproduction) of the rights holder. NOTE: If you are an agent for the rights holder, you must present a statement from the rights holder authorizing you to act on his or her behalf.
  2. Information sufficient for us to identify the material at issue.
  3. A statement by the rights holder that he or she did not authorize our use of restricted material.
  4. A statement under penalty of perjury that (a) all information in the complaint is accurate and, (b) the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

Permission to Publish

Permission to examine material and obtain copies does not imply the right to publish that material or copies in whole or in part.

Archives & Special Collections

You must submit a written request to Archives & Special Collections for permission to publish material not in the public domain. You must also obtain permission from all parties who own copyright or other rights in the material.

Art & Architecture

We cannot grant permission to publish material in the Art & Architecture collection. All material in this collection is subject to the terms of license agreements and limitations imposed by Fair Use.


You must obtain permission to publish from the relevant author(s) and from any other rights holders.


Please provide full citations—including location—in all references to our material. Examples follow:

Charles Darwin letter to Edward Hitchcock, 1845 November 6, in Box 3, Folder 8, Edward and Orra White Hitchcock Papers, Archives and Special Collections, Amherst College Library. <https://acdc.amherst.edu/view/asc:73442>

Shen Jiawei, Drawing Portrait of Private Wang Shu-ja, 1974, in Collection of Shen Jiawei, Amherst College Digital Collections, Amherst College Library. <https://acdc.amherst.edu/view/vr:717903>

Smith, John. Egocentric spatial representation in action and perception. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. Retrieved from <http://acdc.amherst.edu/view/oo:561973>

We encourage you to send us a free copy of any publication in which you reference or quote from items in our Archives & Special Collections.

Reserved Rights

We reserve all rights in this site and all rights in the content of this site not expressly granted. By using Amherst College Digital Collections, you agree to use the site and its content only in ways that (a) comply with copyright and all other applicable laws, (b) comply with these Terms of Use, and (c) do not infringe or violate anyone’s rights. If you wish to use content that requires authorization under copyright, trademark or other rights, you agree to obtain all necessary permissions. You assume responsibility for determining whether you need permission to use material in the ways you choose to use it.

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Please address all questions to Digital Programs Department Staff.