The Amherst Student issue from November 20th, 1969

“Annual Black Studies Symposium This "Annual Black Studies Symposium This Weekend"Weekend”

“[T]he Amherst Afro-American Society organized a symposium that we hope will examine and offer some concrete solutions to the problems that threaten the viability of Black Studies at Amherst and institutions throughout the country.”

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The Amherst Student issue from November 24th, 1969

"Black Studies Symposium: 'An Ambitious Project'"“Black Studies Symposium: ‘An Ambitious Project'”

Written by Mark Gerchick.

“[LaPorte] indicated that the ideal black studies program should be for whites as well as blacks in order to heighten the white America’s perception of blacks as people… Lynch justified his view that a Black Studies program should be ideologically or politically oriented by stating that the white institutions of today are already politically oriented toward white goals. Black studies, presumably, should do the same for blacks… [Weaver] felt that the purpose of a black studies program should be academic, revealing how Christian whites have ‘raped and pillaged’ this country by massacring Indians and enslaving blacks.” Read second part here.


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