The Amherst Student issue from May 1st, 1969

“Ad Hoc Proposals Summary”

The following is a summary of proposals passed in the two sessions of the Moratorium Meeting. The proposals will be submitted to a student referendum and a faculty vote no later than next Tuesday.

Of these proposals, the ones that were passed by a student referendum and a faculty vote and pertain to black students are:

  • implementation of Afro-American Society requests for membership of a black student on the admissions committee
  • continuation of the summer action proposals
  • budget appropriation “to ensure the broader emphasis on black culture at Amherst College.

"Ad Hoc Proposals Summary"


The Amherst Student issue from June 5th, 1969

“Moratorium Talk Leads To Plan To Alter Amherst”

Written by David Corcoran.

“Just over five weeks ago, the College erupted in talk of revolution… The faculty met that afternoon, in closed session, and voted with little dissent to suspend all classes and physical education activities for two days. And the moratorium-the first ever at Amherst…-was on.”

In this article, Cocoran summarizes the Moratorium, including the complete list of proposals that were passed.



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